White paint: How to choose the best for your house - Lick expert's massive warning

White paint: How to choose the best for your house – Lick expert’s massive warning

While it might not seem like it, the shade of white you choose can have a huge overall effect on your room. The wrong white could make a room feel cold or could make other beloved furnishings look drab. Luckily, an expert is on hand to assist. Tash Bradley is the Director of Interior Design for Lick and a color expert. The home decor company specializes in pigment-rich paints in fresh colors.She explained how to choose the right white for each room in your house.Tash said: “The best white is subject to the room type and the other colors you already have on the walls.”If you are wanting a more architectural white, go with a white that has a gray undertone such as Lick’s White 02.”However, if you’re looking for a warmer white pick one with a yellow undertone such as Lick’s White 03.”The decision between a warm or cool white is the most important to consider when making a decision on paint.READ MORE: ‘Never skimp on prep’: Avoid the most common DIY renovation painting mistakes”Whereas, if the room is south facing you’ll want to balance the sunlight and go for a white with a gray undertone.ā€¯Unless designing your room from scratch, you may have furnishings you are keen to feature in your room.Well, if so, the wrong color white could clash drastically with them. Tash explained: “I’d always say that the w hite has to be complementary to the colors that are already on your walls and the transitions.”So, if you currently have a warm color on your wall then going for a warm white will soften the contrast and the transition.”Tash also discussed how to choose a color for your fence.She said: “When painting exterior garden walls, consider them as an extension of the rooms you are in.”So, does the color palette in your garden work with the one in your kitchen?”She went on: “For structural features look at your surroundings, I love to take inspiration from nature, so soft blues to reflect the tones of the sky.”

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